Monday, 24 August 2009

Too Much to do!!!!

No drama Monday, i had an easy Monday, which is a relief if you ask me. Generally, Mondays start with a to do list, meeting schedules and a frenetic pace. But then, as always after everyday it was time to reflect on my day.  My belief, is that life is to be enjoyed and not endured, there is no need for unnecessary stress. 

Be poised to take on the world and stay poised, stay calm, stay relaxed. Hence my fascination with time management and being organised. So after much contemplation, looking at what's worked and what did not work in the past. Well, here is the one and only tip i am going to give you about managing your time. 

#Set boundaries: we all have limitations, so incorporate it into your to do list. You do not have to do everything in one day, or one week besides we hardly ever do anyway. Setting targets is great but you don't have to cram so much into one day. 

Now, I find myself giving myself time to take a step back after a completed task, as opposed to jumping into the next one right away. Enjoy every accomplishment and most of all take time to assess it. Be driven but be reasonable to yourself too! give yourself a break!!!

So all in all, how has this helped me. I am still extremely driven but not half as stress as i can potentially be. 

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Top Events


Diesel Party- St Tropez 29th August 

Dinner with the Greatest, Muhammed Ali- 29th August 

Autum Rugby Internationals

Mercury Awards- 8th September 

Last Night of the Proms- 12 September 

Emmy Awards- LA- 20th September 

London Fashion Week- 18th - 22nd September- VIP packages available 

Espione Tais-Toi

As usual i am always on the look out for a variety of suppliers, particularly fashion Designers. They are not necessarily the well known ones. The list included the known or unknown and passionate designers that could create design to suits all shapes and sizes. But remember the operative word here is passionate, there is nothing more enjoyable than meeting someone passionate about what they do. You are sure to have an interesting experience from start to finish. Every stitches on the outfit has a story, some of which you would have been a part of. 

Before i rant on have a look one of the many will be introducing to you all. Kosibah Having met him personally i can say for a fact that he is passionate about his work and he knows what he is about. I for one am happy about having met him. As full figured woman it is good to know i can now have my own couture wardrobe. 

Over the next month i'll introduce you to wonderful suppliers/ partners i work with. People who share similar values with me. They believe in exceptional customer service. They treat people the way they will like to be treated. For one, it's not just about providing a good service but they way it is done. How much does one care about what the client thinks or want? Some say i care a bit too much, but hey that is me, i just can't help it. Besides as Aristotle states "Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. .... Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit". 


Friday, 21 August 2009

Always Poised

I have always wanted to blog and now i find myself doing it at last. That is one more thing to tick of my goals list. At this point if you where to ask what were my objectives or new year resolution for 2009. My answer will be "Just do it" Yep that one single line was my new year resolution. Don't think it to death, don't over analyse, don't talk yourself out of it...just do it! 

So here i am. So what have i really done so far. Between me and you i have done enough.... I wore more short sleeve tops. How is that something to write home about for me it was sign that i was getting over myself and becoming more self confident. But that is story for another day.

So to all welcome to Poised, where i am always poised to get into it....